Hello, I am Amber…

I am a mom of three, a camping enthusiast, all day coffee sipper and lover of great sleep! I live in Brandon, Manitoba with my three children, Tori (11), Beck (9) and John (2.5), and my amazing fiancé, Ryan. Our family enjoys the great outdoors in summer, but when winter settles in you’ll find us all snuggled under blankets watching movies.

As my babies grew, I learned how important sleep was to them. With a good night’s sleep, they were happy, playful and outgoing. When they had late or interrupted sleep, they became irritable, groggy and withdrawn at times. As a parent, I realized it was my responsibility to teach my children proper and healthy sleep habits, just as it is my responsibility to teach them healthy eating habits and playing safely. After all, how else will they learn to sleep?

Sleep training my two first two babies was the best decision I made for my children. To this day, they both sleep incredibly well and soundly. Ryan and I often joke we could vacuum all around them while they sleep!

Amber Storey

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Naturally, I wanted to do the same with my third baby, however the sleep training journey was much different. He suffered severe eczema, which caused challenges in this process. This was a very difficult time for him and our family. The sleep training process was not as cut and dry as we hoped it would be. We had a lot of health hurdles, which caused sleep hurdles. We continually adjusted our sleep plan according to the health and sleep needs of our baby and he developed into an independent, all-night sleeper! I learned a lot from this experience, which allows me to help other babies, mommas and families develop a sleep plan that will work for them, no matter the challenges.

Sleep training my babies has made such a positive impact in my family’s lives that it inspired me to become a sleep expert, so I can help as many families as I can gain amazing sleeps!

If your child is struggling with sleep and you are tired and needing to find healthy sleep again too, let’s work together! The first step is to book a free call with me to discuss all the challenges you have been facing with your little one’s sleep. This will help me assess the best way to help.

When we start working as a team, we will discuss your sleep goals for your little one and you. I will provide you with honest and evidence-based information for healthy sleep. I will develop a personalized plan for your family and support you while you implement the plan. This will provide you with the skills and tools to teach your little one to sleep – and sleep well!

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